Characteristics of components constituting Deep Groove Ball Bearing

2023-04-26 20:57

Due to different uses and working conditions, Deep Groove Ball Bearing have many structural changes, but the basic structure is composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element (steel ball) and cage.

1、 Inner ring (also known as inner sleeve or inner ring). Usually fixed on the journal, the inner ring rotates with the shaft. There are grooves on the outer surface of the inner ring for steel balls or rollers to roll, called inner grooves or inner raceways.

2、 Outer ring (also known as jacket or outer ring). It is usually fixed on the bearing seat or the shell of the machine to support the rolling element of the steel ball. There are also grooves on the inner surface of the outer ring for steel balls or rollers to roll, called inner grooves or inner raceways.

3、 Rolling element (steel ball). Each set of Deep Groove Ball Bearing is equipped with one or more sets of rollers, which are installed between the inner ring and the outer ring to roll each force transmission. Rolling elements are load-bearing parts, and their shape, size, and quantity determine the ability of bearings to withstand loads and the performance of high-speed operation.

4、 Holder (also known as holder or isolator). Evenly separate the rolling elements in the bearing from each other, so that each rolling element can roll normally between the inner and outer rings. In addition, the cage has the function of guiding the movement of the rolling element, improving the internal lubrication conditions of the bearing, and preventing the rolling element from falling off.

In thrust ball bearings, the ring that fits with the shaft is called the shaft ring, the ring that fits with the bearing seat or machine casing is called the seat ring, and the shaft ring and seat ring are collectively referred to as washers. In addition to the four parts mentioned above, there are also other parts that are compatible with bearings of different structures. For example, rivets, dust covers, sealing rings, stop washers, retaining rings, and locking sleeves.