radial clearance
The bearing consists of four major components: inner and outer rings, cage, dust cover/sealing ring, and steel ball. The NIN bearing ring and steel ball are made of refined bearing steel GCr15 (AISI 52100), and the cage is made of brass strip (H62) or high-quality cold rolled steel strip (SPCC BQB402) stamped. If necessary, reinforced engineering plastics can be used for manufacturing. The dust cover is made of imported special material (SP CCJISG314) or stainless steel strip (1Cr18Ni9), and the sealing ring is made of phosphated steel skeleton and nitrile oil resistant rubber hot pressed
The bearing accuracy is divided into levels 2, 4, 5, 6, and 0 according to the Chinese GB/T307-94 national standard, which is consistent with Chinese GB307-84 and ISO standards
The radial clearance of the bearing is divided into five groups according to the national standard GB4604
Dust prevention, sealing, and lubrication
vibration and noise
Bearings can be divided into open, single or double sided with dust covers (zz) and sealing rings (RS, 2RS). They are filled with an appropriate amount of anti rust lubricating oil or grease before leaving the factory. These bearings can be directly unsealed and used without cleaning. They are suitable for devices with light to medium loads and operating temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to 110 ° C at low to medium speeds. When working under special conditions, customers should indicate the amount of grease added and the grade of the grease when placing an order. The properties and uses of commonly used lubricating greases are detailed in the attached table. When there are special requirements for sealing methods, customers should also specify them when ordering. The characteristics of sealing methods are shown in the attached table.
The vibration noise of bearings is divided into three levels, represented by Z1, Z2, and Z3. Use SO910-1 instrument for measurement. When there are special requirements, BVT-1 can be used for testing, represented by V1, V2, and V3. The data is shown in the table below, and customers should indicate vibration and noise requirements when ordering.
Bearings are packed into plastic drums or anti rust rolls every 10 sets and then packed into cardboard boxes. Single packaging can also be used, which means that every 1 set of bearings is packed into plastic bags and then into small cardboard boxes. Please specify the packaging form when ordering.