Automobile bearings

It is mainly a small Deep Groove Ball Bearing. Its function in the engine is to position the center, bear the pressure and gravity, make the axes parallel, locate the wheelbase, and reduce friction, so that the engine can run safely, reliably, and durably at different speeds, loads, and temperatures.
motorcycle bearings
The smooth winding and durability of the bearings through low conflict and low vibration ensure the fuel consumption and safety of the motorcycle. Resistant to high and low temperature grease, high precision, high speed and durability, long service life, simple and practical design.
Household appliance bearings
It can meet the requirements of low noise and has the characteristics of maintaining long-term silence and environmental protection. It is very suitable for supporting household appliances, such as range hoods, ceiling fans, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
Motor bearings
The main function of motor bearings in motors is to support and reduce friction, so the accuracy and noise of bearings are directly related to their use and lifespan.
Industrial bearings
It has the characteristics of smooth operation, smooth sound, low starting torque, long service life, etc., prolonging maintenance cycles, reducing rotation consumption, and is beneficial for protecting the environment.
Sports equipment
Fitness equipment includes treadmills, massage chairs, exercise bikes, motors, etc., which mainly have the characteristics of low noise, vibration load, high torque, and other related requirements. It has very mature application technology in the fitness equipment industry and can provide solutions for users.